Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Drink till Death

 photo Untitled-1_zpsca8faed4.jpg
Top: Sheike ; Skirt: Dissh ; Necklace: Christmas present from Workmate; Wallet: Witchery Pouch

So last week was Chueezy's birthdays and this is what I managed to come up with on such short notice. I knew his birthday was coming for ages but I just did not have time to go out and buy clothes so on the day before I managed to pop by Dissh and buy this skirt. Actually, I have been eyeing it out for ages now! I just never bought it cause I am attempting to "save" and I have been over-spending my income on food. Seriously, I have spent a ridiculous amount of money on food, I could buy myself a car. This is probably why I have gained so much weight.

On another note, I am loving my witchery coin purse. It is definitely my go to piece when I go out, I hate carrying my clutches cause I find them way to big and clunky. To me clutches are more of a nice event or night out kind of thing. Not something you would want to take when you plan to get wasted. I pretty much throw everything into this - my cards, keys, lipstick, phone and whatever cash I have for the night. It's so easy to keep on you and never lose. What I love about this, is a really simple yet classy pouch so it goes with everything and it is affordable. As this isn't something I would use all the time, it is really convenient to take the cards out of your wallet and throw into here!

I have never managed to lose anything when I use this, and I lose things all the time. Anyway, it is currently week 9 and I am completely behind on my uni work. The beginning of every semester, I always tell myself I will change but it never happens. Now back to collaborating my group assignment and finishing off my part.
Lots of love,

Vacant Days xx

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Series of Unfortunate Events

 photo IMG_5414copy_zpsb61cf496.jpg
Karen Walker Sunnies - Shopbop; DIY Necklace;  Black Basic Tee - Dotti ; Assymetrical High-waisted Skirt - Cue; Bag - ASOS; Boots - Tony Bianco

Brisbane weather totally sucks; I swear it is bipolar! It is really hot during the day and cold as ice at night. Being the lazy person I am; I try to dress to accommodate the transition from day to night – wear a long sleeve and a skirt, so during the day I am still ‘cool’ (because I am wearing a skirt) and at night I am ‘warm’ (by wearing a long sleeve top, seriously, what was I thinking when I woke up this morning?!). I swear this thinking does not work at all. I am hot and sweaty during the day and by the late afternoon I am an icicle.
 photo IMG_5422copy_zpsd167bdee.jpg
Doesn’t help that I was feeling yucky today, so this was all I could manage to pull off. Do you know those days where you feel like your ugly and your hair doesn’t like you, even though you washed it the night before, it is oily and just hates you. Usually, when I am feeling like that I opt for tying my hair up. I usually tend to stay away from tying my hair up because I have a face the size of a meat bun; by keeping my hair down it doesn’t look so large (some weird Asian logic my mother taught me).

I really want to find different ways to style my hair when it is not in my favour. I’ve tried dry shampoo but I feel as if I am just chucking junk into my head, or maybe I am not using the right products. Not too sure, hmm.
 photo IMG_5389copy_zpsbc9896db.jpg
Anyway, I am actually meant to be doing my ethics case study due next Monday but I have yet to start typing it. I procrastinate like crazy; does anyone have ANY suggestions to keep motivated and focused? I work well under pressure but lately I have been cutting it close and what I have also realised, as soon as I cut it close- I settle for a pass not a 7. Speaking of this case study, I should get back to it and my Sydney photo diary will be up probably this weekend.

Lots of love,

Vacant Days xx

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