Tuesday, December 21, 2010

screw this

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I made that yesterday when I was completely and utterly bored. I might go out to the QUT open day today but I have a whole bunch of housework to do before hand. I do not like housework but someone has to do it. If I don't end up doing it, my mother would go rank at me and then again another cycle of my mother and I fighting.

I want to buy another roll of film for my camera and anyone who is wondering what camera I used for the last post (film). I got it from my best friend, Cindy, it's an Olympus Trip MD3. Taking photos with it is very easy and it has an automatic flash however, it is quite hard to take the photo within the range. As you can see from the photos in my last post, that alot of heads were cut off. This was because, it was the first time I used that camera. Now, I have to experiment and find out what are the ranges of this camera when taking photos. In the eye of the camera, you actually see everyones faces when you take the photo, but when processed, it is another story. I thought it was the place, I got it printed from, but when I looked at the negatives, it was the camera.

Anyway, I am actually blogging at 8:34AM right now. I am not going to play maple story LOL. I might cave in later today, but I will find other ways to do things before I cave into Maple and get addicted LOL.


  1. rad!

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  2. That's an awesome picture of writing picture or ..what do you call it ? haha <3

    But ee. Open days are gay. WAIT NO. SORRY. They aren't gay because you get lots of free shit by pretending you're interested in whatever the person is talking about hahahahahaha :D

  3. i've been following your blog for a while now and i love it. definitely one of my favourites that i'm currently following.
    btw when did you finish high school?


  4. haha Love it!

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