Saturday, January 8, 2011

my shit is to big

Sorry for not blogging in ages, I have been working a alot. I'm pretty happy with my hours, getting really good hours but the bad thing about it is; I have no life other than work. I haven't taken any photos lately, but I was going through my laptop the other day and I found a this and thought I might as well post it up.

Also, I am upgrading internet plans which means; I WILL NEVER GET CAPPED EVER AGAIN! I am absolutely thrilled and cannot wait till next month. Also, I am very keen for a photo-shoot to come up but I think it's going to be a long time before there is going to be one.

Actually since this blog is kind of pointless, I think it is time to introduce to you my great photographer! The person who takes behind the camera while I stand awkwardly in front of the camera. Meet Cindy aka. Oh.D.Darko (her tumblr)!
She has been my best friend for about 9 years and has been the person behind the camera who takes most of the photos on this blog. I edit the photos and organise the photo-shoot while she takes the photos.

At every shoot, it is completely awkward to begin with and very hard to warm up to. I have Cindy telling me that I look a retard and relax all the time. But after a while, it gets really fun! Thank you Cindy! We are hoping to start something on this blog and hopefully, I am going to be able to chuck photos of her outfit on this blog. Her style is a lot different to mine, she's the gothic/preppy kind of style. We both have different personalities but somehow work together.

So this is my photographer (Sorry, were not the type that people hire to take photos for, we do this for fun. It's just a hobby for us)! Most of the time, were usually lying around at home watching movies and eating. We are actually very lazy people and our favorite past time is reading, blogs, eating, movies and I feel sorry for my followers cause I am such a bad blogger. I don't blog for ages sometimes and other times I am blogging every day! So I would like to thank my followers and readers for even reading this!


  1. hello Cindy!! you guys are such a treasure to each other.

  2. Cindy is such an awesome photographer ! And yesss, your styles are so different but yet, such good friends <3 ! THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP xD!

    Ahhh. At least you have a job T-T" I don't even have oneee :( *should start searching soon*

  3. haha go cindy. umm lisa ho.. i don't think so. it's probably from myer or something i dunno :P

    F. ( x

  4. LOVE it! cute photos! :)

  5. :) Hahaha, hi guys, thanks for supporting Vy's blog!

    @ Fran:
    We found the dress in an opshop in Annerley with Lisa Ho tags on it, so we assumed it'd be that- can't be too sure though ay.