Thursday, February 17, 2011

lets take a break from it all

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So today, I finally decide to get out of my little hole and blog. I haven't been taking any photos lately simply because I've lost feeling. I've lost alot of things lately. I use to love taking photos and would spend numerous amounts of hours on the internet looking at blogs, photos, playing with photoshop and just planning all these photo shoots in my head of how the photos will turn out and how I am going to edit them to make them look really nice.

But lately, I've just lost all feeling for everything. I went from Vintage and DIY-ing all my clothes to gothic black with alot of accessories and red lipstick. Sometime during this holiday, I went from happy me to completely mature, quiet and sad me. I simply don't know what has happened. I want to be carefree and happy again, not thinking about anything besides photos and going to different locations for my photos. Now, all I think about is money, sorting out uni, how everything I do will affect everyone.

I miss being happy, but I don't remember how to be happy anymore. So yeah, that's whats up with my lately. Hence, I haven't been blogging much. Hopefully, I will somehow get off my ass and take some legit photos instead of scavenging through my laptop trying to find old photos that I haven't blogged yet.

PS. Uni starts on the 28th and I'm going to the University of Queensland! SO NERVOUS AND SCARED. Like, I am going to get lost and die on campus! For some reason, I'm not really keen to go to this uni either because most of the people there are snobs and think they are great cause they go to "the University of Queensland" i hope i don't end up like one of them, i really want to meet people who are down to earth and happy.


  1. figuring out stuff before you head off to university is stressful! it's saying goodbye, planning things, and figuring out how everything is going to be once you move.
    once you move, and are adjusted, you'll start to find your happiness come back even if there are bumps in the road. this is just a part of "growing up" and transitioning into a new part of your life.
    i thought people were going to be snobby too (at my school), but i ended up meeting a great set of people, who are all super down to earth, happy, enjoy the same sorts of things i do, like not going out and just staying inside and drinking wine. i even met my boyfriend.

    hopefully some of your creativity will start flowing back soon :) i find mine always does in high periods of stress... when i should be studying...

    hang in there!!

  2. great pictures! nice blog.