Monday, September 12, 2011

the basics

the basics

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Perfume; black floppy hat; cobalt button up top; red denim skinny jeans; ray ban sunnies; gold cuff; oren leather envelope clutch and Jeffery Campbell Foxywoods

So after a very long hiatus, I have decided to come back. There isn't that much content in this blog because for the past time I have been away, I lost my love for taking photos and just putting effort into this blog in general. Also, the same excuse that everyone uses, I was busy with uni but seriously, half the time I am just procrastinating and purchasing more things online.

What I have up there, is what I am contemplating on purchasing this month besides for the Flowerbomb. I really really really want it! It is yet, my favourite fragrance! I've been looking for a reasonably good priced gold cuff, there is one on topshop for $23 but is sold out. ASOS, has one but I feel kind of annoyed when I see the price of ASOS's gold cuff when I could have purchased the cuff on sale ages ago, a lot cheaper than it is selling for right now. I am also looking for a pair of red denim skinnies the, one I have linked I probably will end up purchasing because it's actually really cheap, but I just hope the quality is good. I haven't found a nice pair in Brisbane, it's either really expensive, the colour is right but the material isn't, cheap quality at ridiculous prices or dull colour. So far, I have had no luck in finding a pair of red denim jeans...I'm not to sure about the ones online because it's jeans. I want to try them on before purchasing them cause I am not to sure about my sizing. Also, with the foxywoods, been contemplating for the past 3 months whether or not to buy them. I realised, I like them more than the Lita's because the lita's seem to casual whereas, the foxywoods and be worn casually or formally! Okay, just typing that has kind of convinced me to buy them. The envelope clutch, there is the ASOS one I really really want, it use to be in stock but it was sold out ages ago. I've been waiting for it to go back into stock but the black one hasn't. There are different colours but I just want the black clutch, does anyone know anyone who is selling that clutch? They have a similar one in sportsgirl for the same price $30 AUD but it's smaller then the ASOS one. That's pretty much, what I want this season so far. I think this season, I am going to go plain, simple and colourful (not many pastels since they make me look like a washed out whale).

Oh yeah, now that Spring has just sprung, well technically it came 12 days ago but I haven't been blogging for a very long time. It is time to wear shorts again! But in Brisbane, tragically you can't because the weather is retarded and it goes from amazingly hot to freezingly icy cold. Oh, how I love Brisbane weather, not really.

So anyway, I am back now and hopefully I decide not to go on hiatus again. Lots of love for my Readers! xx

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