Sunday, September 18, 2011

finally getting use to no sleep

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I just learnt how to make a GIF and it took about 10minutes to try and figure out how to post it on blogger. I took this low quality photo on my netbook when I was at uni studying. Lately, that has all I have been doing, besides going to see my boyfriend and him spending all his money to feed me cause I can never have enough food, but other than that, I have been drowning in uni work and with me going overseas by the end of the year I have to save up heaps. Actually, I don't want to go but my parents want my brother and I to go because our grandparents are getting old. Pretty sure the last time I went overseas was when I was in grade 3/4 so I have somewhat of a memory, but not really. I just remember seeing a lot of snakes and them being in my room. I really really hope I don't get bitten by a snake when I go to Viet Nam or many various of unwanted species.

I also changed my header, this is currently my temporary one until I make a new one I am satisfied with. I cannot wait till I have my holidays for uni, but I wouldn't even call it a holiday when I have two major assignments to do which are worth a lot and a cmt but other than that I cannot wait till this week is over (WHEN I FINALLY SUBMIT MY CHEM AND BIOL GROUP ASSIGNMENTS). Seriously, I love group work but when I entered uni, there is so much conflict and hatred for everything/each other. It use to so fun in highschool and you would get a lot done, and now it's a constant dread to see each other, talk about this topic and the time spent on it. I use to sleep before 12pm now I can sleep past's 12:34am just as I am posting this right now. I envy highschool kids, they're on holidays right now while I am slaving away on my uni work. When I was in highschool, I could stay up all night and study then as soon as I entered uni, I have to get into bed before 12 to be able to get up the next morning early to get ready for uni.

Anyway, I will hopefully be posting again soon! I might do an outfit post after this week. I miss taking photos.


  1. so cute! love it :)


  2. hahaha cuteeeee! ahh I'm swamped with assignments and it's the first week back from mid-semesters. ughhhh.
    looking forward to your outfit post :)


  3. Lovely blog!

  4. Ohhh I really love your style - is fun and edgy but still classic. Gorgeous! And gorgeous photos!!


  5. haha this gif is amazing
    you look so cute :)

  6. love your hair <3