Sunday, February 12, 2012

weather is retarded

I'm actually going to start blogging regularly. I am not sure about when uni starts again though but I am at least going to try because I really do like doing this. I am currently saving up for a new camera because I dont like the megapixels on my camera anymore and the fact that the battery dies really fast. But I am terrible at saving, even though I am working 2 jobs now which is killing me. I should actually be sleeping right now because I am getting up at 4am to get ready for work, seriously it's all because I spend like a maniac I need two jobs to support how much I spend. I will post photos of where I work (my new job !) in my next post. I wouldn't say the place I work at is really "me" though, I do like some of the clothes they sell but it's kind of too princessy for my taste.
So anyway, here is an outfit post I love love the skirt but I am thinking of re-selling it. Not too sure yet because sometimes I love it but sometimes I don't.
necklace: lovisa; cuff bracelet: stolen of my best friend; dotti dress worn as a top; skirt: asos; thick heeled shoes: betts


  1. i love the lighting in these photos.
    it looks so juergen teller.
    the skirt is adorable on you.

  2. thank you!!
    great blog as well :)

  3. lovely photos :) the skirt is cute, love the colour!

  4. I´m so jealous about your wheater. I hate our wheater so much. But still I´m in love with your outfit. <3
    xx J.

  5. the skirt looks lovely on you, good old asos! x

  6. LOVE your style- that skirt is divine, but your cuff is killing me- so gorgeous!
    Come follow my blog darling! xx

  7. awesome look, the skirt is gorgeous! love the warm red! ♥

  8. The outfit is great! We love the skirt!

    We should follow each other <3

  9. beautiful combo!

  10. thanks for the follow! xo