Thursday, February 9, 2012

oh hai there

oh hey there, its been a year since I have blogged. Talk about someone who died and came back! My last post was about me having an outfit post but then I never ended up posting one up, I am sorry! On another note, an update of what I have been up to:
  • Last month I went to Vietnam
  • I am now employed with 2 jobs (cough workaholic cough)
  • I am spending too much for comfort; as in my mom comes home to find a new package or item in my room everyday
  • I am completely poor, hence working two jobs to support my spendings
  • I really want a dog !!
Okay, now I am actually going to post what I really do want to blog about. I was reading my usual blogs, just because I stopped blogging doesn't mean I haven't stopped reading and commenting (okay that was a slight white lie, I kind of did for a while but I started again for the last month, it made me realise how much I missed this). I saw ASOS Spring/Summer '12 collection and fell in love! Also, I am going to start selling my stuff (don't expect anything because you guys know how slack I am). I also want to tell my readers thank you for putting up with me and I love you guys so much for my followers to still be following me!!
Anyway here is the ASOS Summer/Spring '12 collection, I hope you guys love it and is excited as much as I am!!! (all images are via park & cube)


  1. WOW absolutely everything in this collection is gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing, and welcome back ;)


  2. Everything looks so nice! Love pastel colors... so cute! Nice that I found you. We can follow each other if u want?