Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kony 2012

So on facebook this morning and this whole day so far, everyone kept sharing this video make kony famous. I had no idea what everyone was talking about, like wtf? who is this kony video? are we all just supporting this random guy on youtube who wants to become famous in america. It wasn't till my best friend, Cindy told me it was about this guy whom is the "Modern Day Hitler" made me aware. I didn't really watch the video because I was out, but I just googled him up and in summary, I read along the lines of. People run away from him in fear because he has pretty much kidnapped over 35 000 children, raped young girls, impregnates them, abuse them, he also, slits peoples throats, cuts their hands and legs, etc. to put fear on others. I had no idea how sad this was, until I actually read/watched it. So to do your part, I would love love love everyone to share this video anywhere! On facebook, your blog, tumblr. Just to raise awareness so the US and the whole world knows what is going on about this! Also, 2 very easy things is pledge!!! You pretty much just type in your email and postcode and it's done or like the facebook page!

On another note, to leave this photo to lighten the mood!
P.S. BROUGHT MYSELF A CAMERA TODAY :) his name is george and his my new lover!!! Also, outfit post next week and a random daily post is coming this week!!

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