Thursday, April 12, 2012


Holidays now! Actually I have been on holidays for the past few days, well not really because I have 4 assignments to complete on the holidays which I have no started at all, I am utterly doomed. Technically I am meant to be starting now but can't be bothered...actually I don't even know how to start them. I was hoping to fit an outfit post into this week but I haven't actually had the time. I took on way to many responsibilities with work, uni and my social life that it's starting to blow up! Which is really bad because I'm not going well in ANY of them. I thought by now I would at least go well in one, nope. Complete and utter fail. So now I have decided to cut down and hopefully excel in two? I am actually the most slack person you will ever meet, my goal for this week was to spend Monday with mom, Tuesday with my bf (the first two days went fine), Wednesday - photos/outfit photos/etc., Thursday - studying (Have not started on a single thing, I have just been printing worksheets out, etc. to help with my assignments and study but I haven't actually started reading or anything, fail), Friday - Working/photos.
I hope tomorrow goes according to plan and I finish all the photos within 2 days! Hopefully I can squeeze in an outfit post as well!! Anyway, photos from my instagram to update my readers on what has been happening in my life lately :)

Don't want to spam my readers with my photos, but hopefully my next post will be either an outfit post or one of my photos !!

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  1. all of these photos are beautiful! hope you get those photos done so we can see an outfit post soon :)
    xo TJ