Monday, April 11, 2011

trying to cope

I am seriously the worst blogger in the world. I blog whenever I feel like it. I seriously hate uni with a passion. I thought it would be awesome and fun, oh my god it is no where near fun. You go through something it would usually take you 3 weeks in high school in 2 lectures which is like 2 hours of your life. It's ridiculously demanding and ridiculously annoying.

Nothing really has been up with me lately, I dropped one of my subjects in uni because it got to demanding on me and I had no idea what it was talking about half the time. You go through so much of your closet and I think I'm starting to run out of clothes I normally like wearing. I think I'm going to start pulling out the clothes I have never worn and start wearing them. I've brought clothes on asos and can't wait till it gets shipped over.

So the time away, I spent doing uni work (more like heading into the city and seeing my boyfriend + friends), working and pulling all nighters for last minute exams/assignments. I actually have an assignment due tomorrow that I need to write the intro, discussion and the conclusion. Funny how these are the core parts to a scientific report Hahaha; oh god. i am going to die.

I'm thinking of buying a DSLR, not really, i was thinking of buying a Olympus PEN... actually, i just want more film for my film camera :( I don't really know what i want right now. I know if i buy a legit camera right now, I won't find the time to start legitly blogging cause uni takes up all my time. SERIOUSLY! People have been asking me, how's uni? This is what I usually reply to them "Don't go to uni, it sucks cock. When you work, just start earning the cash. It's stupid and a waste of time" Pretty sure, I am one of the most inspirational person ever.

Okay, I am just going to spam you guys with photos now, cause I have heaps to talk about but I can't be bothered to actually start elaborating about it. This has been my last 2 months.
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My most favorite people in the world, to bad I am absolutely a shit cunt to them. But I love them.
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