Saturday, May 12, 2012

weird expressions

I guess this wasn't what I wanted to post up, I was hoping maybe my clothes but I never got to it. I haven't even sorted through my clothes but I have all the satchels to post now, which is a really good start!

This is a formal dress from my work place. It's pretty cheap actually, but if I had a chance to go back and change what I wore I would, my dress was similar to this but more bright and it was halter neck I think. I guess, if I had a chance to go back I would have chosen something cheaper and I would wear out again. I am also going to sell my formal dress for $100 !! plus $6.60 shipping, I will post photos up on my ebay and start a separate blog where I will be selling my clothes.

Anyway, I think I wanted to write today because I needed to vent. I really want to keep up my blogging because this is the only place I can escape to. I made this blog private to my friends mainly because I feel it's a bit weird that they are reading it? But does that make me a bad friend? I don't really know, how is it that I am comfortable writing this to my readers I have never met before but completely uncomfortable to people I do know. Lately, I feel in my life I am lacking something, I know motivation is one! The way I am going with my assignments for uni is not what I wanted, I wanted to be on top of it, start the week before and finish it that week instead of doing it the night before and ON the day it is due. So, I need to fix that up.

But have you guys ever, gotten in one of the moods where nothing is right and this isn't where you want to be? I look at where I am now, and who I have surrounded myself with and realise this isn't what where I want my life to be. What can I do to change it? How can I escape? The easier way out would be completely cutting it of from everyone I know. I guess, I don't really know.
I know, I want to move on and change but there are some things that mean a lot to me that I don't want to give up yet, hence I end up in a rut. This is the most personal post I have ever written and I don't really expect a reply. I think this is all I can say for now. Yes, it's another filler post but I really needed to write this post for myself haha.

xx vacantdays


  1. This dress is stunning, we love the color, and the form, and it looks just perfect in you :)

    Thanks for your sweet comment in our blog!!

  2. You didn't expect a reply, but i'm giving you one anyway! I know exactly what you mean - it's more often than not, when i'm in a place where nothing is going right, and it's almost as though your too far into a routine or a rut to change. It's like things can never progress fast enough ahaha.

    It's always nice to know that there's somewhere out there feeling exactly what you are. Whoa, this just got way too deep haha.

    Well, you look amazing nonetheless.

    Lillian xx

  3. Beautiful dress babe!


  4. Beautiful dress!!!
    thanks for your comment, following, hope you follow back!